Ann Jungman was born in London, of German Jewish refugees. She grewup in North London, had a very ordinary childhood and there were certainly no signs of interest in, or particular ability at, writing. After studying law at Exeter University, she read for the Bar at Gray's Inn. To get some money while studying Ann did some supply teaching. This seemed much more fun and challenging than law, so she decided to train to become a primary school teacher. She says the best bit about this was reading books to children.

Ann began to invent her own stories; the children liked them and she was encouraged enough to write them down. After some years she got one published, 'Fang the Fiery Dragon'. When a friend invited her to go on a weeks holiday to Romania she found herself in Vampire Land - Transylvania - and there 'Vlad the Drac' was born. Vlad has been a huge success and in all six books have been written, translated into many languages, and broadcast on radio and television.

Ann has also written about wolves, witches, trolls, dragons and Frank N Stein's Monster. "Monsters are fun!" she says, "You can do what you like with them, reality doesn't have to be taken into account. Anyway, all my monsters turn out to be nice really." Ann's books range from picture books to full length novels and cover an age range of three to thirteen. Recent books include the much praised,'The Most Magnificent Mosque', and a trilogy about World War II, 'Resistance', 'Betrayal' and 'Siege'.

To promote reading and capture the imagination of children Ann visits lots of schools, and is very well received as these testimonials show:

'It was a lovely day and the children enjoyed hearing you talking about your books. It was particularly interesting (and inspiring) for them to hear that you had to keep trying in order to get your books published. Vlad the Drac is now a popular book amongst the children and has been read by many in our library. Thanks for the visit and I hope your latest book is a success.'
- Julie Tolliday, Coppermill Primary School

'Ann has a great way with children. She kept them all engaged, including children with behavioural difficulties. They loved the stories about Vlad and the way she read extracts to the children not only captured the children's attention but the teachers too! Vlad definably needs to make a return!!!
- Kerry Lowthers, Woodside Academy, Grays, Essex

Ann Jungman visited our school. Pupils really enjoyed their time with her. She interacted well with the kids and was able to give her time to individual pupils. Ann gave a brief history of her experience as an author, which inspired pupils. She also brought along a variety of books, which pupils were very keen to get a hold of. Overall pupils had an exciting day!
- Guru Nanak, Sikh Academy, Hayes

Ann is currently writing a novel about the Australian Gold Rush, as well as running her publishing company Barn Owl Books.

If you would like to discuss a school visit, Ann can be contacted by email at